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I had help.
Dinner party with Jaine, Dave, Steve, Giulia, Kari and Phil.

Jaine and I took ourselves off on a walk to Pangborne, watching and listening to skylarks dancing over the tops. We met up with Dave in a tea shop and had lunch and vast cakes. This may have been an error. We called in a boutique and were Looked Down Upon (£90 for a cheesecloth top? In Jaine speak 'Yer 'avin a giraffe') Then we walked back to Tilehurst along the river, much gooseage was spotted, plus shags and grebes. 7.86 miles.

Dinner started with a light bean soup, followed by too much delicious food, the hit being the crab curry. Giulia had made both pavlova and tiramisu for dessert, just in case we were peckish. And several bottles of nice wine.

Today, as the weather was glorious, we walked into Reading, again along the Thames, for Lebanese lunch, which was just fabulous. Followed by trip to an ice cream parlor which sells gelato. Some of us had a modest two scoops (chocolate and mango). Some of the party were less restrained. 6.11 miles.

I had a good, easy drive home, left at 4pm home 7.30, and I got to bring some of the tiramisu home with me, hurrah!
Came in to find that Max had brought down the back lounge nets (usually happens when he gets his claws caught in them) and that I had forgotten to put down the extra food I planned to leave him, it was still on the counter. Oops. But, in my defense, he hadn't finished all the cat crunchies. And he could live off his blubber for at least a month.

Tired now. And full of tiramisu.



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