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Was go on a pub crawl round Sheffield. In the rather Mancunian rain.
My long time friend Mike The Bastard is 60 on Monday, which seems somewhat unlikely but is apparently true. I met Mike as my first convention, Mythcon in 1982, he was in the bar with Eric Leatherman - this was prior to their Samurai Wookie phase - and they had a local to me accent so I went and sat with them. We have been taking the piss out of each other ever since.

There were about a dozen of us and the really keen ones started on Friday lunchtime. I joined them Saturday and we did The Kelham Island Tavern, The Fat Cat, The Riverside, The Wellington and The Shakespeare. The Wellington was my favouite, it had interesting gin as well as beer and we had a great Cards Against Humanity session too. It also had a lovely map from 1966 of UK breweries, I could have spent an hour looking at it.
Apologies to Sheffield friends, I did consider asking if anyone wanted to meet up in the afternoon but we had enough trouble finding room for us all as it was.

Stayed at the Premier Inn, nice clean room, free wi-fi, easy to get to the pub from, what's not to like? I let the train take the strain, much easier than faffing with the car.
I got home lunchtime today and just popped out to do the shopping. I was planning on a little walk as the rain was slackening, but every time I look out the window, it's raining again. May give it another 30 mins and then try.



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