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Fab weekend in Hampshire with five of my favourite friends.

I had an early start and got to Alresford for 12.00, had lunch, started drinking (!) we are helping Jaine to clear her larder before her kitchen is re-modeled. The we walked down to the Titchyknob Arms for a stealthy pint, first time my beloved boots/insoles have been used in anger, still feel like wearing slippers. Though I'm not sure how often I will be able to take the insoles in/out of the boots without them falling to bits. I am a bit hard on boots and insoles and because they are so padded, they are a bit thick for wearing with light shoes.
It was somewhat muddy but a nice afternoon.

In the evening we got a taxi to the wonderful Tanoshi for a feast, we shared platters for starters and I had scallops for my main. The food was marvelous, not too flashy but interesting and Giulia had half a water buffalo on her plate...
Gin and sake was drunk.
Deserts came with dry ice, got to love a restaurant which ask if madam would like more dry ice to play with.
They brought the birthday boy, Steve Davis, pretty chopsticks and rests in the shape of ducks. And gifts for the women in the party, I came home with another boxed pair of chopsticks, very lovely.

Today we went for another walk along the lovely Alre into Alresford in the gentle rain, and lunch at Tiffin
Most of the party had afternoon tea but Jaine and I bucked the trend and had cheese scones with added cheese and watercress salad. I followed it with trifle. Cointreau trifle, Obvs.

Came home listening to The Archers on podcast. Oh Lillian, you sot, got to love her.
Once TA was done, I turned of to Radio 2 for sounds of the 70's, they were interviewing Mr Grumpy (Rick Wakeman) and played "Wonderous Stories" and I nearly had a flashback!
Wakeman played backing on many, many famous tracks, including a lot of Bowie, so they then played "Life on Mars" and he talked about the famous piano at Trident Studios.
Then the focus changed, it's quite hard to headbang and drive at 70 on the M6. "Silver Machine" on Radio 2. Who'da thunk it? Hawkwind are on tour, they've been going since 1969. Boggles.

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